A Thousand and One Days by Regina Silveira


For his Found in Nature series, Barry Rosenthal arranges debris and trash he collects from NYC beaches into fascinating patterns. 

Rearranged Garbage is Surprisingly Pretty

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↳ Traces of the Future by Hanemusi (☼) 


↳ Traces of the Future by Hanemusi (


The GIF above is from Jess Dunlap’s 4 minute time-lapse made from over 17,000 individual photos. The second shows the custom rig she used to shoot photos for the video.

Shooting took a whole year!

A Time-Lapse Compiled From 17,000 Photos

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The Hot ‘n Dog: Where Franks & Comics Collide

Shorty after 3pm each weekday, kids from two Toronto grade schools hang out at a tiny neighborhood hot-dog joint. This is the Hot ‘n Dog, where the specialty is toppings. Lots and lots of toppings. Behind the counter is Keith Jones, a cartoonist (and hot dog connoisseur) responsible for graphic novels like dystopian pet epic Catland Empire and abstract-ish activity book Colour Me Busy. Jones loves comics, frumpy cartoon animals and filling up spaces — interests that synced with a Toronto entrepreneur who, a year ago, decided to open a hot dog shop. Now co-owner, Jones is dressing $2 hot dogs with comic artistry, along with toppings (100 of them in all) that range from wasabi to flaxseed to rainbow sprinkles. We asked Jones about renovations, post-apocalyptic BBQ cars and, of course, hot dogs.

This is kind of an odd place for a comic artist to end up. Do you have any particular feelings toward hot dogs?

I think hot dogs are hilarious. As a kid, they were one of my favorite foods. I like that you can decorate them, just put junk on them. A hundred different things. I made a great dessert dog just the other day. It had two different kinds of jam, chocolate chips, marshmallows, pretzels and bacon bits, maple syrup. Then I mixed in Hickory Sticks and graham crackers. It looked insane. Also I made a chili cheese dog with 10 different things on it for fun. Supposedly, there are kids who have come in here and gotten all 100 toppings on their hot dogs. I haven’t done that yet.

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